Swimmers Syndrome in Dogs – Watch the amazing Rehab of Mick

Mick the Boston Terrier Born with Swimmers Syndrom We saw this video on Facebook and just had to share it.. Sue Rodgers from the Mia Foundation took in this Boston Terrier puppy “Mick” with Swimmers Syndrome.. a condition where the four legs stick straight out and the dog has to scoot along on the floor.. They immediately began some physical therapy like having him swim holding him up with a life jacket and taping his legs into position for a few minutes each day to help to strengthen his legs… take a look at this first amazing video showing Mick’s progress. Mick is quickly becoming the poster pup for being able to use these rehabilitation techniques with dogs with Swimmers Syndrome and was even on the Today Show.

“I never thought anyone would be able to help him,” Rogers told TODAY.com of the puppy, whose debilitating disability left him with splayed, muscle-less legs. “He was just flat as a pancake.” Source

Rogers started the Mia Foundation after a long expensive battle to save her dog Mia a Chihuahua who was born with a cleft palate. They weren’t able to save her life but wanted her life to make a difference and started this foundation to help people with dogs who were born with disabilities. Just a few weeks later look at Mick walk! Yes.. amazing. I could watch this little guy all day.. what a huge heart Mick and his Mia Foundation family have.

“Most puppies like this are euthanized,” Rogers said in her Today Show interview. “A lot of veterinarians just have the thought process, ‘well, there are so many highly adoptable dogs in shelters that could use a home, why not just put this one down?’ My philosophy is, if they’re born, they certainly deserve a chance to live.”

And Look at Mick NOW! Running and playing like a regular puppy.. Find out more information on the Mia Foundation on their website, and check for updates on Mick and their other sweet fur babies on their Facebook page. Learn More about the Mia Foundation Here