How to catch a missing skittish or shy dog video

We found this great video with ideas about the best ways to calm a runaway, stray or scared dog. During a fight or flight type situation like a weather emergency or fire the dogs senses get shut down where they can’t even smell or recognize you as their owner. The “calming Signals” that Missing Pet Partnership founder Kat Albrecht discusses will help you to attract calm and capture a panicked lost or stray dog.

Learn to calm a skittish or shy dog

Some of the tips discussed include not approaching the dog, not looking directly at the dog as these are both signs of aggression. Instead make interesting noises like crinkling food papers like a taco bell bag. Kneel or sit down on the ground to get on the dogs level and not look so intimidating. Make “nummy nummy” food yummy sounds and pretend to be eating food while casually letting a piece drop and then another..

Don’t move too quickly to “snag” the dog.. be patient.. this might take 20-30 minutes. When the dog gets closer.. throw a piece of food between you.. develop trust. If this is YOUR dog the closer and calmer he gets he might finally be able to recognize your scent and come to you.

If the dog in question is a lab / retriever / friendly wiggly dog then of course most of this won’t be necessary and your job will be made easy.  Your dog will likely be found quite easily and returned but for those with a more sensitive dog, these tips could really help you.

This video is used to train MAR (Missing Animal Response) “pet detective” students through Missing Pet Partnership’s 7-week MAR webinar course.

For more info on pet detective work read Kat’s books “The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective” and “Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets” and visit

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