Entitled with the qualification of direct import & export, FUZHOU FUJING FOODS CO., LTD. is specialized in processing and supplying various kinds of edible fungus and dehydrated vegetables. The company was registered in 2004, and our key markets includes Japan, USA, Europe, Russia and South-eastern Asian countries. We are certified with CIQ (ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUANRANTINE OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA) and HACCP, and registered with FDA. Over the years, due to our exporting business, we have also passed various food and health safety check from various countries.
                  Our products come from selective locations based on environmental suitability and its agricultural features. Owning over 500,000 square meters of farming area, we are able to ensure the quality of the raw material. The factory covers over 1200 square meters of land and owns multiple advanced processing equipments. The onsite warehouse exceeded over 3000 cubic meters, equipped with temperature control system. We are capable of producing and supplying products throughout the whole year. 

                  We are able to supply the products in retailed package according to client's demand or we can offer premade packages if needed. Our product is now sold in supermarkets such as Wal-mart with reputable feedback. 

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                  Corporate Culture
                  • 2004
                    Company Established
                  • 80+
                  • 60+
                    Export Partnership
                  • 20+
                  Factory Display
                  • Sanitary Station
                    Sanitation is an important part of the food safety system of our company. Fujing Foods Co., Ltd. strictly follows sanitation protocol to ensure food safety!
                  • Dedusting
                    Dust removal in line with food processing standard, ensuring health safety from the production sources.
                  • Sorting Station
                    In the process of packaging and sorting, the requirements are must meet the food safety standard, and multiple factors such as production speed, food safety, and sorting accuracy need to be guaranteed at the same time.
                  • Sorting Assembly Line
                    The workers are all wearing protective clothes, handling the sorting procedure in an orderly and methodical manner.
                  • Assembly Line
                    The assembly line operates in an orderly manner, multiple quality inspection and supervision placed in the procedure, ensuring the product quality meets the HACCP standard.
                  • Sealing Station
                    Specialist arranged for sealing procedure, metal detection also processed at the same time, double ensuring no foreign matter presented.
                  • Packaging Station
                    Fujing Foods Co., Ltd.has a standardized packaging procedure, ensuring packaging,boxing,and product label meet the client’s expectation.